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Welcome to the AS ICT course. A Level ICT is a 2 year course that is taught using 2assessment objecves:

A: Praccal Skills 60%


Use of the computer to complete various tasks using the ITsoware provided


Knowledge and Understanding 40%


Understanding of the actual theory behind thesubject assessed through the compleon of worksheets, past papers, mock exams, etc

Assessment is carried out as follows:

Homework is a vital part of this course and it is important that you ensure you put in theright amount of 

me and eort

, in order to make sure you get the best grade possible inyour exams.

Like any other A Level subject, ICT theory requires you to


the facts and


theprinciples. There is no shortcut


you will have to




! The assignments in this book will help you to gain the knowledge andunderstanding required in the rst part of your course.Each assignment will require you to complete some reading and independent research inorder to answer the quesons properly. Whenever you are tempted to skip on the research& reading, remember:

your answers will show whether or not you have completed theresearch – and so will your end of unit exams!

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