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The Applied Soybean Research Community is an ASA Community within the Agronomic Production Systems Section.


Worldwide, soybean is one of the most important crops for human and animal consumption.  Soybean production is supported by a large community of soybean researchers and Extension Specialists in nearly every soybean producing state in the US and worldwide. These researchers have a long history of communication and collaboration.  This ASA sanctioned community will help enhance this interaction.


This community is focused on fostering communication among applied soybean researchers worldwide to further the science that supports modern soybean production.  Although soybean exists in diverse cropping systems, the physiology of this unique crop requires specialized research.  The outlet for innovative applied research of community members shall be through peer reviewed publications, Extension publications, commercial materials, and the popular press and associated media. Community members shall strive to develop regional, national, and international projects to further their goals.


Cropping System Diversification Reduces Incidence and Severity of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)

Thu - March 8, 2018

In a 6-year study, we assessed the effects of cropping system diversification — encompassing both crop rotations and organic soil amendments — on the incidence of sudden death syndrome (SDS) and soybean yield under field conditions.

We found that diversification of the soybean-corn rotation with oat, and clover or alfalfa, in conjunction with the use of composted manure amendments, greatly suppressed SDS development and protected soybean yield. Our study provides the strongest evidence to date that diversified cropping systems offer another approach for SDS management.   MORE

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