Great Gatsby Letter To Daisy Writing Assignment Rubric

Creative Writing Assignment

Now that we have finished “The Great Gatsby”, you will use your knowledge of the novel and of characterization to create a piece of creative writing in the voice of one of the main characters. You will choose one of the writing prompts below to produce a piece of writing in google docs that is 2 pages double spaced (1 page single spaced) in length and written in size 12 font. Your paper must make sense in context of the novel and of the character you choose (think about the way your character would speak). You should also use proper spelling and ensure you capitalize when necessary. If you finish early, you should have someone read over and edit your paper. You will have the entire class period to work on this, it will be due by the end of class via google docs. 

1. Rewrite the Ending

F.Scott Fitzgerald ends “The Great Gatsby” with a tragic death scene. You will rewrite the ending of “The Great Gatsby” by taking on the voice of the narrator, Nick Carraway. You will decide how you would want the story to end and what would happen to each of the main characters. Would Gatsby survive in your ending? Would Daisy still choose Tom? Would Nick still move back to the Midwest? Be creative, this is your opportunity to write the ending the way you think it should have happened. 

2. Gatsby's Letter to Daisy

In “The Great Gatsby” we learn that Daisy received a letter from Gatsby the night before her wedding. In the story we never learn what the letter said, but we know that it caused Daisy to reconsider her marriage to Tom. You will write the letter to Daisy in the voice of Gatsby. What would Gatsby have said to Daisy to cause her to get so upset? What sort of news or information would Gatsby include in the letter? Be creative and keep the tone of letter in mind as you write, is it a love letter? A breakup letter? An angry letter for Daisy deciding to marry Tom? It's up to you, but keep in mind you are writing in the voice of Gatsby and in the style of a letter. If you need help with this particular writing style, click here for examples of love letters and a guide in how to write them. 

3. A Eulogy for Gatsby

After Gatsby’s death, Nick Carraway attempts to plan a large funeral to honor Gatsby's memory. You will write a eulogy, or funeral speech,  from Nick’s perspective for Gatsby. A eulogy is meant to show respect for the person who has passed by highlighting their personality, memories, and achievements. What memories would Nick include in his funeral speech for Gatsby? What achievements do you think he would choose to include? What types of things would Nick have to say about who Gatsby was as a person? If you need help with this particular writing style, click here for examples of eulogies and a guide in writing them. 

4.Daisy OR Tom Journal Entry

At the end of "The Great Gatsby", Tom and Daisy leave town without telling anyone. We never learn what happens to them or where they go. You will write a journal entry in the voice of Daisy OR Tom talking about life after Gatsby's death. How would Daisy/Tom react to the news of Gatsby's death? Would Tom/Daisy be happy that they chose to stay together? Where did the Buchanan's decide to run away to and what are they doing now? 

*Remember each prompt has guiding questions, meant to help you with your writing process. DO NOT actually answer each question in your paper (i.e "No I do not agree with the ending. Yes Gatsby would survive. No Daisy and Tom would not be together.") This is a creative writing piece, you must write in the style of the character you choose. 

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